Character Design: Three Animals

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The first thing I noticed once I started my series was that I'm uncomfortable drawing things I can't control. I don't draw animals as much as I do people, soI don't have a quick formula or range of shapes I know that I immediately apply to the animal based on previous experience.

I would have had an easier time choosing any kind of character design series having to do with humans... But if I had done that, I would have been avoiding an honest opportunity to discover, learn and improve the unfamiliar in my drawings. That is why each animal in my series is so different in terms of structure and nature.

 I impressed myself with the monkey and the bison, but my jaguar drawings aren't as strong. I'll probably need a few more weeks figuring out the structure and getting comfortable drawing big cats. I learned alot doing this and I want to keep improving this particular series!


  1. I love all of your animal designs! They all capture the nature of the animal so well! They also have the cartoony realism to them, which I really like. Also, the cheetah prints add a nice touch to the third image!

  2. The jaguar looks so strong and powerful! Your designs are wonderful. I like the study of faces and bodies, the give a nice idea of that the character is like and what the body moves like.

  3. I love the pattern on your Jaguar. Your character sketches are so refreshing - you are so good at really bringing the character straight out of the original animal, for instance, in the panther - he looks like a total badass predator who we probably shouldn't mess with. I also really think you hit the nail on the head with the prowling-abilties of the jaguar. I admire your sketching abilities and really want to apply the idea of sketch sketch sketching to what I do... you have inspired me!

  4. I really enjoy the style you've got going, definitely a lot of successful variations of emotion and character. I find myself enjoying the buffalo the most for some reason, I feel his attitude is pretty humorous, and his finalization to be rock solid. I do like the jaguar as well, but felt the pattern overlay overpowered your line work (squinty eye test made it less instantly recognizable, you know, beyond just the fact that I was squinting my eye and stuff). Stellar work though, I enjoy your process.

  5. I enjoy how you chose to display the final images and really like the color scheme. Your forms definitely showcase each animal while showing a lot a lot of emotion. Really great character designs and model sheets!

  6. It is really evident that you draw regularly. I love the fluidity of your sketching but more than likely it will have to become vector based at some point in the process. I'd like to see you develop that skill more.

    Is there a fourth in the series?


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