Robot Dad: Starting Rough!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Super rough storyboards of the beginning of my story:

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  1. Lizzy - you have a good story going here! I think we are both in the same boat of wanting to have a lot of details and panels. I almost want you to make a full-on 4 mintue animation of this... if only it were easier to do!

    I think you should show lots of the shots of the robot becoming more fatherly, like grilling some burgers for the family with an apron on, like taking the dog out to play frisbee, to push the girl on a swing, to take the girl out to get ice cream, etc. It'd be intresting if the robot read those books with the girl, and they worked together to renovate the house - or even rennovate his lab, to make work easier for Dad so that he would in turn have more time to spend with his Daughter.


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