Robot Dad: Storyboarding Process

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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My story has changed a little bit more since the last critique. I decided to cut the dual plots and chuck the robot inventing other robots idea. It was hard for people to understand it and it became frustrating, so I'm just going to have fun with the characters at this point and make something less complicated. I'm not sure how I'll end it yet, whether the father really will change and stop being such a workaholic and spend some time with his kid, or if the robot will adopt the child. There are other ways I could end it, but the father's really angry right now and I don't know how he'll react yet and what that'll mean to the other characters.

Let me know if you have any ideas on how I could end it! Cleaning up my drawings is the last thing I have to do before I start the animatic.


  1. Simplifying the story board for others to understand better is a very good choice for you to get across the idea. The original seemed like too much of a workload for so little time. Your character designs are amazing so I am very excited to see how this comes out. The only thing is that I can't see the image very well to comment on the content.

  2. i wish you could put it is storyboard pro only because it makes it easier as a viewer to understand the coresponding motions involved, but i certainly can enjoy the detail you've put into your pieces.

  3. I'm really excited to see how this story turns out! I think that your character designs are great, and seem to fit the story pretty well! I like how in the story it kind of shows from a child and parents perspective how things can seem when the kid gets little attention. The kid will always want to play, and the parent just wants to strangle them. So I think it's really interesting that you've made the dad create a robot to look after her!

  4. I wish I could figure out how to get a closer look at your storyboard! Your progress is really good to see and I am eager to see it all come together in Storyboard Pro. You have a great story, and I would suggest ending it with the father learning a lesson, and thanking the robot... to keep it positive. I would be sad if the robot adopted the daughter and would feel like the dad never learned anything!

    Your characters are fantastic and I am glad that you decided to focus the story on them to a greater extent. They will definitely tell us a story even just in their mere design... like how the robot is brought into the picture. I am confident in your storytelling abilities!

  5. I am glad to see you simplified your story, if only to allow for a more manageable project for this class. But I do really hope you keep all of those ideas to flesh out when you have more time, maybe even reworking them into the story at a later date when you have more time available for fleshing out the details.

    I believe you mentioned that you had other story idea in regards to the interactions of man and machine and would be excited to see those expanded upon at some point in the future as well. I think i,robot will be a great source for inspiration, or at the very least, slightly stimulating. I'll have it tomorrow in class.

    Also, I agree with Sarah's thoughts about keeping it positive and ending with the father learning his lesson, as opposed to the sad alternative. The personality of the robot vs. the father could reverse that concept though, where the audience is rooting for the girl to be adopted by the robot. Again, i,robot is absolutely brilliant in developing robots equally to humans, if not greater. But enough on that book. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


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