Gestures: Forrest Gump, TV

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Trying to improve my gestures!! This takes more concentration than I thought.
Worked from media, but I see it is much easier just to look from real life.
  Also trying to brand myself a bit. More to come!


  1. You have a really well defined style going on in all of your work and it comes through in these gestures. A lot of your figures are just resting though, lots of sitting around, try to get some really dynamic poses- running, jumping, just things a little more interesting than sitting or walking.

  2. Your a freaking beast. I had a chance to look through some of your artwork and your confidence definitely shows throw your line work!
    I love your style you spin off of, keep it going. I'm really interested to see how you challenge yourself, how to make a static gesture become dynamic.


  3. Great use of dynamic poses and foreshortening!

  4. These are very good! Im no animator, so I have no idea what to look for, but I'll give it a shot from what I know.

    These have A LOT of life in them. The emotions or messages they are attempting to convey is very clear, and they have a lovely sense of weight and depth. I like that you actually draw props in for a scene, rather than focus on the figure itself. Its a habit I have and I find it difficult to break due to my methods. Like I mentioned, I am no animator, but for what its worth in what I have seen, these are the bees knees. Keep on doing what you do, but dont be afraid to experiment with more organic figures. You are really good at life drawing, but honestly I don't really have a criticism outside of doing something less angular. That defeats your intentions, I think, so I'll leave it at u go gril.


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